Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pixar Shorts Volume 2: Coming in November!

A German flyer showcasing the new shorts collection
I recently wrote an article about when we'd see Pixar's short, Small Fry (which was released in theaters in November 2011 with Disney's The Muppets) on home video. My top prediction had been that the short would apper on the Brave Blu-ray and DVD, but I had talked about the possibility of the short showing up on a Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 2.

Pixar Talk tells us how this second bundle of Pixar shorts is set to arrive in November; very likely on the same day Brave will hit the home video format. Small Fry will surely be on this collection, and you can also expect it to have all Pixar shorts starting at Your Friend the Rat (2007) all the way to La Luna (2011), which will also be premiering on home video for the first time alongside Small Fry.

So you can mark your calendars and start looking forward to November!

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