Monday, August 27, 2012

Monster News: MU Plot Details, Monsters Inc 3D Poster

As the year of 2013 quickly approaches, the excitement for Pixar's Monsters University builds up in the hearts of hard-core fanatics of both the original Monsters, Inc. and the famed animation studio.

Billy Crystal, voice of the lovable walking green eyeball Mike Wazowski, recently spoke with EW and spilled a few plot details about the upcoming Monsters prequel.

"[Mike and Sully] end up in the same fraternity where they have this scare competition — like Greek Games in college. They have to mobilize a group, sort of like Revenge of the Nerds-monsters, and get them ready to be scary.”"

Sounds legit.

Monsters, Inc. remains one of my favorite Pixar films to date, and is, in my opinion, one of their funniest films. I can only imagine how hilarious Monsters University will be, with all the hysterical pranks that Mike and Sulley will be pulling on each other.

Speaking of the original Monsters, the teaser poster for the film's 3D re-release hit the web the other day. It's quite unfortunate that Mike won't be able to enjoy the film in the third-dimension.

Monsters, Inc. returns to theaters in 3D on December 19, and Monsters University will arrive a few months after that on June 21, 2013!

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